Perfection is in us, in the experience, in the future. Perfection does exist. It’s in our DNA.

mcbath History


"Being different means"

We promote a new era for the bathroom. And it is because we were born with the vision of perfecting existing solutions. And that is why we are pioneers in offering revolutionary solutions.

In search of durability

Our founder set out to create more durable materials over time, offer new alternatives that will improve the quality of life in the bathroom, increase your well-being and facilitate the professionals’ job based on the excellence of technological processes.

In 2006, we launched a new technology

In 2006, we launched a new technology for innovative ultra-slim shower trays based on a composition that uses polyester from mineral load mixed to recycled polyester resins in their mass, covered by an outer layer of gel coat.

A more resistant, durable and lightweight shower tray. Customizable in colour, design and adaptable to your special order to adapt to the bathroom project.

Our brand belongs to Moldcom Composites

Our brand belongs to Moldcom Composites, a high-performance company dedicated to the production and marketing of avant-garde bathroom equipment.

Today we are present in 5,500 points of sale and have installed bathrooms in 19 countries. We have more than 20,000 m2 in our facilities dedicated to offering great solutions for the bathroom under high quality standards and guidelines that are respectful of the natural and social environment.


In November 2020, mcbath became part of The Engineered Stone Group, together with other leading European brands, in order to create a premier group in innovative bathroom products made of resin and mineral composite. We firmly believe that the best way to predict the future is to start building it.

We set the objective to improve people's quality of life and be part of their future

Brand Purpose

Our commitment is to always offer the perfect solutions for the bathroom that are precisely adapted to the your needs. Future solutions.

The key to our leadership lies in technological innovation and our commitment to comfort and excellence in the bathroom sector.


Perfection lies in our DNA.

It was the engine that inspired us to revolutionize existing technology and fuels our growth. Perfection is in our people. In our search for excellence. In the future we imagine.


Visualize the future you want and move steadily towards it. Achieve perfection.

We understand the future and contribute to its transformation and improvement, which has a significant impact on the your quality of life. And you, what future do you imagine?


Elevating the best to the exceptional, the perfect, the incomparable.

Perfection is a form of progress. That is why we are involved in the excellence of every detail. Because we understand that you need the best.


Transparency to maintain nutritious and synergistic relationships.

Our responsibility is not to fail. Our experience, challenging attitude and desire to continue transforming the future guarantee the safety of our materials and the effectiveness of our service.


The sum of small perfect things produces great changes in the world

We intend our forward-thinking vision and understanding of the future to inspire and empower people in the desire to innovate. Inspire the construction of the future they imagine.

Because the best way to predict the future is to start building it.


The decisions we make today will define tomorrow


Support for our actions


2022 EcoVadis Qualification

In compliance with specific criteria that promote sustainability performance

IF DESIGN AWARD 2021, Discipline Communication

Award to the communication and digital strategy of the brand, under the Leading the way concept.


Award given to the Zeus shower tray, for its patented ACRYSOFT® technology: lighter, quieter, more comfortable.

European Business Award 2017

Thanks to innovation in product design, extensive experience and determination to achieve technical excellence.


For ORIGIN, the shower tray with a biomimetic design that is 60% lighter, 100% recyclable and halves the use of raw materials

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