Our bathtubs follow ergonomic principles with fluid, practical and emotive designs.

Solid Surface Bathtubs

Designed based on biophilic precepts, the free-standing bathtubs from mcbath submerge us in moments of wellbeing and connection with nature. Oval bathtubs with organic lines are a perfect symbiosis between ergonomics and minimalist aesthetics. 
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Frequently asked questions about bathtub maintenance

What materials are our bathtubs made of?

Our bathtubs are made of Acrymold® Solid Surface, with an exceptional level of durability, comfort and design. It is a high performance material which is solid, poreless and homogeneous, manufactured from natural resins which allow its regeneration. It is a safe, hygienic and antibacterial material. 

One of the advantages of these bathtubs is that the material is resistant to bacteria, mould and fungus, and does not generate rust. Its smooth, non-porous surface facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance. To clean our bathtubs without damaging them, it is recommended to use neutral soap and a cloth or soft sponge (avoiding abrasive fibres or chemicals). Limescale stains can be eliminated with specific products or with a mixture of water and white vinegar in equal parts. Acrymold® is a material which can be repaired using a specific kit.

If the obstruction is minor, a domestic solution can be used, using natural remedies or chemical products, although in more serious cases and for greater safety, the intervention of a plumbing professional is recommended. Adequate maintenance is necessary to prevent blockages (removing hair after each use and using the appropriate amount of shampoo or shower gel, as these are the usual causes of blockages).

Professional help is recommended to execute this installation.

Architects and interior designers, installers, health workers, developers and private clients. We have a distribution network with points of sale throughout Europe.

Acrymold® Solid Surface free-standing bathtubs

Be bring the bathroom into a more minimalist future. Our range of toilets, as well as free-standing bathtubs, minimises materials and their aesthetic, lightening fittings to achieve more streamlined installations. 

 Available in matte white and with the option of a black finish on the exterior of the body, and in two bathtub measurements: 165.5x75.5cm and 166x81cm. 

The mcbath free-standing bathtubs are:

  • More hygienic, 

  • Non-slip, 

  • Resistant and durable over time.

  • Antibacterial.

  • Regenerable.

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